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Notice to Exporters 2016/11: Read our blog!

Notice to Exporters 2016/11: Read our blog on replacing SPIRE

8 April 2016 


As part of replacing SPIRE with the new import export licensing service, it is very important that we hear your feedback on our assumptions, designs and prototypes. We are publishing our thoughts on our blog on The aim is to keep everyone up to date with the progress of the project.

Please read the blog and let us know what you think – and don’t forget to sign up to receive updates telling you when the latest blog is published.

The blog also links the industry demos that we ran back in January (see Notice to Exporters 2016/02) and intend to run later in the year when we have developed designs to show to exporters.

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Contact details

For further details of strategic export controls, please contact:

Export Control Organisation,
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
1 Victoria Street
London SW1H 0ET
Tel: 020 7215 4594 Fax: 020 7215 2635 E-mail:

More information on export controls is available on the ECO pages of the GOV.UK website, also the SPIRE Export Licensing Database.

Read updates on the new import/export licensing service.

As part of the move to GOV. UK, all previous Notices to Exporters have been filed at the National Archives.

This notice is for information only and has no force in law. If the information here applies to your business, we recommend you take appropriate action; including seeking legal advice if necessary.


Notice to Exporters 2016/11

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