April 1, 2016: EU, HMT add 1 to ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida sanctions

On Friday, Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT) implemented Commission Implemnenting Regulation (EU) No 2016/473 by adding the following person to the Consolidated List under its ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida sanctions program:


AL-HABABI, Nayef, Salam, Muhammad, Ujaym
DOB: (1) –/–/1980. (2) –/–/1981. POB: Saudi Arabia a.k.a: (1) AL-QAHTANI, Sheikh, Farooq (2) AL QATARI, Farouq, al-Qahtani (3) AL-HABABI, Nayf , Salam, Muhammad , Ujaym (4) AL-QAHTANI, Faruq (5) AL-QATARI, Faruq (6) AL-QATARI, Sheikh, Faroq (7) SHAYKH, Imran, Farouk Nationality: 1) Saudi Arabia 2)
Qatar Passport Details: Passport No: 592667 (Qatari passport issued on 3 May
2007). Address: Afghanistan (since 2009). Other Information: UN Ref QDe.004. Emir for the eastern zone of Afghanistan. Has led an Al-Qaida battalion in Afghanistan since at least mid-2010. Listed on: 01/04/2016 Last Updated: 01/04/2016 Group ID: 13349. 

Please note that, as usual, HMT is late to the party – both DFAT (Australia) and OSFI (Canada) implemented this change early last week after the UN Sanctions Committee added him to their list.


HMT Notice

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 2016/473

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