Change of Address Notice for Her Majesty’s Treasury

HM Treasury


Changes to financial sanctions email addresses

Dear subscriber,

This email is to notify you that HM Treasury will shortly be changing the following email addresses relating to financial sanctions. 

From 31 March our existing correspondence address will be changing to

From this date all general enquiries about financial sanctions, including all licence applications, licence reports, reports of frozen assets, and breach forms should be sent to

HM Treasury is also changing the email address we use to send out email notifications from to This change will also take place on 31 March and all subsequent notifications will be sent from this address. 

In preparation for this change we advise that you do the following: 

  • update your spam/junk filters to ensure that you continue to receive emails from HM Treasury regarding financial sanctions (in some cases this may this may require contacting your IT department). 
  • monitor your spam/junk folder to ensure no messages are missed after the switch over. 

Best regards,


Financial Sanctions 


HMT Notice

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