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March 8, 2016: OFAC adds 2 to Zimbabwe sanctions, 1 to CAR sanctions

Yesterday, OFAC designated the following 2 entities under the Zimbabwe program:

CHEMPLEX CORPORATION LIMITED (a.k.a. CHEMPLEX CORPORATION LTD), 93 Park Lane, P.O. Box 989, Harare, Zimbabwe; 10 Bilston Street, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe; 35 Coventry Road, Harare, Zimbabwe [ZIMBABWE] (Linked To: INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION OF ZIMBABWE LTD). 
ZIMBABWE FERTILISER COMPANY (a.k.a. ZFC LIMITED), 35 Coventry Road, Workington, Harare, Zimbabwe; Ambleside Road, Aspindale Park, Harare, Zimbabwe; Sable Chemicals Complex, Lot1/7, Sherwood Block, Kwekwe, Zimbabwe [ZIMBABWE] (Linked To: CHEMPLEX CORPORATION LIMITED).

And this one under the Centtral African Republic program:

LORD’S RESISTANCE ARMY (a.k.a. LORD’S RESISTANCE MOVEMENT; a.k.a. LORD’S RESISTANCE MOVEMENT/ARMY; a.k.a. “LRA”; a.k.a. “LRM”; a.k.a. “LRM/A”), Vakaga, Central African Republic; Haute-Kotto, Central African Republic; Basse-Kotto, Central African Republic; Haut-Mbomou, Central African Republic; Mbomou, Central African Republic; Haut-Uolo, Congo, Democratic Republic of the; Bas-Uolo, Congo, Democratic Republic of the; Kafia Kingi [CAR]. 

And changed Joseph Kony’s listing (both under the CAR program and terror program)::

KONY, Joseph; DOB 1961; alt. DOB 1963; alt. DOB 1965; POB Odek, Omoro, Gulu, Uganda; nationality Uganda (individual) [SDGT]. -to- KONY, Joseph, Haute-Kotto, Central African Republic; Vakaga, Central African Republic; Kafia Kingi; Southern Darfur, Sudan; Congo, Democratic Republic of the; DOB 1961; alt. DOB 1963; alt. DOB 1965; alt. DOB 1959; alt. DOB 1960; alt. DOB 18 Sep 1964; POB Odek, Omoro, Gulu, Uganda; alt. POB Palaro Village, Palaro Parish, Omoro County, Gulu District, Uganda; alt. POB Atyak, Uganda; nationality Uganda; Gender Male; Commander of the Lord’s Resistance Army (individual) [SDGT] [CAR] (Linked To: LORD’S RESISTANCE ARMY).


OFAC Notice

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