Australia’s Autonomous Sanctions Regulations 2011: Asset handling, Part 1

21Advance notice of listing of persons, entities and assets

(1)The Department may give notice of a designation made under paragraph 6 (1) (a) or (2) (a) or regulation 7 to any person who is engaged in the business of holding, dealing in, or facilitating dealing in, assets.

(2)The Department may give the notice before the designation is published.

22Consolidated list of entities, persons and assets

(1)The Department must maintain a document that sets out:

(a)all persons and entities that are currently designated persons or entities; and

(b)all assets or classes of assets currently designated under regulation 8.

(2)The document must contain the following information about a designated person or entity:

(a)the name of the person, including any alias for the person known to the Department;

(b)the name of the entity, and any registration or incorporation number or name that will facilitate the identification of the entity;

(c)the date on which the person or entity was designated.

(3)The document must contain the following information about a designated asset:

(a)a description of the asset or class of assets;

(b)the name of the designated person or entity that, owns or controls the asset;

(c)the date on which the asset was designated under regulation 7.

(4)The document must be made available to the public on the Department’s website.

(5)The document may be consolidated with the document mentioned in regulation 40 of the Charter of the United Nations (Dealing with Assets) Regulations 2008.

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