SECO updates Libyan sanctions

Swiss regulators today delisted the following person:


SSID: 130-20576 Name: Abdulhafiz Mas’ud
Title: Colonel DOB: 1 Jan 1937 POB: Tripoli, Libya Good quality a.k.a.: Abdulhafid Massoud Nationality: Libya
Justification: 3rd in command of Armed Forces. Significant role in Military Intelligence. Other information: Position: Armed Forces Commander. Modifications: Amended on 25 Mar 2015, de-listed on 8 Feb 2016 

and two entities:


SSID: 130-20815 Name: Libyan Holding Company for Development and Investment Justification: Libyan subsidiary of the Economic & Social Development Fund. Modifications: De-listed on 8 Feb 2016

SSID: 130-20836 Name: Dalia Advisory Limited (LIA sub)
Address: 11 Upper Brook Street, London, United Kingdom
Justification: UK-incorporated subsidiary of the Libyan Investment Authority. Other information: Reg no 06962288 (UK) Modifications: De-listed on 8 Feb 2016 

sanctioned under their Libyan program.


FINMA Notice

Data files of updates – PDFXML

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