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January 22, 2016: HMT announces 2 Freezing Orders

On Friday, Her Majesty's Treasury announced freezing orders against the following persons, adding them to the HMT Consolidated List:

1. KOVTUN, Dmitri, VadimovichDOB: (1) 25/09/1965.

(2) 25/09/1969.POB: Moscow

a.k.a: KOVTUN, Dmitry, Vadimovich

Passport Details: Reference 62. Passport no. 9632078. Issued 17/08/2006. Expired17/08/2011

Address: Apartment no. 150, Golubinskay Street, Moscow, Russia, 117463.Position: General Director of Gobal Project

Group ID: 13311.

2. LUGOVOY, Andrey, Konstantinovich

DOB: 19/09/1966.

POB: Baku, Azerbaijan

a.k.a: LUGOVOI, Andrey, Konstantinovich

Passport Details: Reference 51. Passport no. 0608109. Issued 18/11/2005. Expiring03/05/2009

Address: Soloviniya Proezcl, 16-1-247, Moscow, Russia, 117593.Position: Member of the Russian Duma (Parliament)

Group ID: 13310.

The Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 obviously doesn't get invoked often – in the 3+ years Mr. Watchlist has been around, this is the first notice I've seen from Her Majesty's Treasury. Since I'm not the only one likely to be unaware of this, I will review and post some summaries (or the whole thing, depending on complexity and ease of summarization) of the Act in the near future.

But, the notice does say the following:

Under the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001, HM Treasury may make afreezing order which prohibits persons from making funds available to or for the benefit of a person or persons specified in that order. This order may be made where theTreasury has a reasonable belief that persons specified in the order have taken or arelikely to take action which is to the detriment of the UK economy; or a threat to the lifeor property of one or more nationals or residents of the UK.


HMT Notice

UK Freezing Orders regime page

Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001


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