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May 13, 2015: SECO updated Libya sanctions

On May 13th, Swiss regulators modified the listings for the following 4 persons listed under their Libya sanctions program:

SSID: 130-12905 Name: Al-Barassi Safia Farkash

DOB: 1952 POB: Al Bayda, Libya Good quality a.k.a.: Safia Farkash Mohammed Al-Hadad
Address: Oman (Believed status/location: Sultanate of Oman) Identification document:
Passport No. 03825239, Oman (born 1 Jan 1953)

Justification: Married to Muammar Qadhafi since 1970. Significant personal wealth, which
could be used for regime purposes. Her sister Fatima Farkash is married to Abdallah
Sanussi, head of Libyan military intelligence.
Relation: Wife of Qadhafi Muammar
Mohammed Abu Minyar (SSID 130-12812)
Other information: Believed status/location:
Modifications: Amended on 22 Mar 2013, 13 May 2015

SSID: 130-12916 Name: Al-Baghdadi Abdulqader Mohammed

Title: Dr DOB: 1 Jul 1950 Address: Tunisia (Believed status/location: jail in Tunisia)
Identification document: Passport No. B010574, Libya

Justification: Head of the Liaison Office of the Revolutionary Committees. Revolutionary
Committees involved in violence against demonstrators.
Other information: Believed
status/location: jail in Tunisiadeceased
Modifications: Amended on 13 May 2015

SSID: 130-13001 Name: Qadhafi Saadi

DOB: a) 27 May 1973 b) 1 Jan 1975 POB: Tripoli, Libya Address: Libya (in custody)
Identification document: a) Passport No. 014797, Libya b) Passport No. 524521, Libya
Justification: Commander Special Forces. Son of Muammar Qadhafi. Closeness of
association with regime. Command of military units involved in repression of demonstrations
Other information: Believed status/location: Niger. Modifications: Amended on 13 May

SSID: 130-21080 Name: Al Qadhafi Quren Salih Quren

Good quality a.k.a.: Akrin Saleh Akrin Address: Egypt

Justification: Libyan Ambassador to Chad. Has left Chad for Sabha. Involved directly in
recruiting and coordinating mercenaries for the regime.
Modifications: Amended on 13 May

The first and 3rd are subject to financial sanctions – all 4 are subject to travel restrictions.


FINMA Notice

Data files of updates – PDF, XML


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