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February 20, 2015: UN, DFAT, OSFI update Khalifa Muhammad Turki Al-Subaiy info

Listed under the Al-Qaida sanctions program by the United Nations, Australian and Canadian regulators updated the following record on their Consolidated Lists:


Name (original script): خليفة محمد تركي السبيعي

Title: na Designation: na DOB: 1 Jan. 1965 POB: Doha, Qatar Good quality a.k.a.: a)Khalifa Mohd Turki Alsubaie b) Khalifa Mohd Turki al-Subaie c) Khalifa Al-Subayi d)Khalifa Turki bin Muhammad bin al-Suaiy Low quality a.k.a.: na a) Abu Mohammed al-Qatari b) Katrina Nationality: Qatari Passport no.: Qatari passport number 00685868issued in Doha on 5 Feb. 2006 and expiring on 4 Feb. 2011 National identification no.:Qatari identity card number 26563400140 Address: Doha, Qatar Listed on: 10 Oct. 2008 (amended on 25 Jan. 2010, 15 Nov. 2012, 19 Feb. 2015) Other information: Qatar-based terrorist financier and facilitator who has provided financial support to, and acted on behalf of, the senior leadership of Al-Qaida (QE.A.4.01.), including moving recruits to Al-Qaida training camps in South Asia. In Jan. 2008, convicted in absentia by the Bahraini High Criminal Court for financing terrorism, undergoing terrorist training, facilitating the travel of others to receive terrorist training abroad and for membership in a terrorist organization. Arrested in Qatar in Mar. 2008. Served his sentence in Qatar and has been released from detention. Mother’s name is Hamdah Ahmad Haidoos.


UN Notices – PDF (DFAT), HMTL (OSFI)

OSFI Notice


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