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December 4, 2014: EU, HMT freshen up 2 CAR listings

Yesterday, Her Majesty’s Treasury updated the following 3 Central African Republic sanctions listings, in line with Council Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1276/2014:

1. BOZIZE, Francois, YangouvondaDOB: 14/10/1946.
POB: Mouila, Gabon
POB: Mouila, Gabon
Address: Uganda
a.k.a: BOZIZE, Yangouvonda
Nationality: Gabonese Central African Republic
Other Information: Son of Mother’s name is Martine Kofio.

Group ID: 12998.

2, ADAM, NourredineDOB: (1) –/–/1970.(2) –/–/1969.(3) –/–/1971.
(4) 01/01/1970.
POB: Ndele, Central African Republic
Position: a) General, b) Minister for Security, c) Director General of theExtraordinary Committee for the Defence of Democratic Achievements

a.k.a: (1) ADAM, Mahamat, Nouradine

(2) ADAM, Nourreddine(3) ADAM, Nourreldine(4) ADAM, Nureldine

Nationality: Central African Republic

Passport No.: D00001184

Address: Birao, Central African Republic

Other Information: Noureddine is one of the original leaders of the Seleka. He hasbeen identified as both a General and the President of one of the armed rebelgroups of the Seleka, the Central PJCC, a group formally known as the Conventionof Patriots for Justice and Peace and whose acronym is also acknowledged as CPJP. He is also a former head of the “Fundamental” splinter group of the Convention ofPatriots for Justice and Peace (CPJP/F).

Group ID: 12999.

3. YAKETE, Levy

DOB: (1) 14/08/1964.

(2) –/–/1965.

POB: Bangui, Central African Republica.k.a: (1) YAKETE, Levi

(2) YAKITE, Levi

(3) YAKITE, Levy

Nationality: Central African Republic

Address: Nantes, France.

Other Information: Son of Father’s name is Pierre Yakete and mother’s name isJosephine Yamazon. On 17 December 2013, Yakite became the politicalcoordinator of the newly formed People’s Resistance Movement for Reforming ofthe Central African Republic anti-Balaka rebel group.

Group ID: 13000.


HMT Notice

Council Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1276/2014



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