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September 24, 2014: UN, DFAT remove Sangeen Zadran Sher Mohammad from Taliban sanctions

On Wednesday, DFAT followed the lead of the United Nations, removing the following person from its Consolidated List:

TI.Z.152.11. Name: 1: SANGEEN 2: ZADRAN 3: SHER MOHAMMAD 4: na

Name (original script): دمحمم ریش ناردخ نیگنس

Title: a) Maulavi b) Mullah Designation: na DOB: a) Approximately 1976 b)

Approximately 1979 POB: Tang Stor Khel, Ziruk District, Paktika Province,

Afghanistan Good quality a.k.a.: na Low quality a.k.a.: a) Sangin b) Sangin Zadran

c) Sangeen Khan Zadran d) Sangeen e) Fateh f) Noori Nationality: Afghan Passport

no.: na National identification no.: na Address: na Listed on: 16 Aug. 2011

(amended on 13 Aug. 2012, 18 Oct. 2013) Other information: Taliban Shadow

Governor for Paktika Province as of late 2012. Senior commander of the Haqqani

Network (TE.H.12.12.). Senior lieutenant to Sirajuddin Jallaloudine Haqqani

(TI.H.144.07.). Alternative spelling of title (a): Maulvi. Belongs to Kharoti tribe.

Reportedly deceased September 2013.


UN Notice


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