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July 15, 2014: HMT plays the Sudan shell game

On July 11, the Council of the European replaced the Sudanese sanctions imposed under Regulations (EC) 131/2004 and 1184/2005 (by repealing) with new ones under Council Regulation (EU) No 747/2014.

The following 4 individuals are still sanctioned after the switcheroo:

  1. ALNSEIM, Musa, Hilal,AbdallaDOB: (1) 01/01/1964.
    (2) –/–/1959.POB: Kutum
    a.k.a: HILAL, Sheikh, Musa
    Passport Details: Diplomatic Passport no. D014433, issued 21 Feb 2013, expires 21Feb 2015.
    National Identification no: A0680623 – Certificate of Nationality
    Address: (1) Kabkabiya.
    (2) Kutum, Northern Darfur.
    Position: Member of the National Assembly of Sudan. In 2008, appointed by thePresident of Sudan as Special adviser to the Ministry of Federal Affairs
    Other Information: Has resided in Khartoum. Also known as Abd Allah, Abdallah,AlNasim, Al Nasim, Al Naseem, AlNaseem, AlNasseem, Al Nasseem.
    Group ID: 8836.

    ELHASSAN, Gaffar, Mohammed
    Title: Major-General
    DOB: 24/06/1952.
    a.k.a: ELHASSAN, Gaffar, Mohmed
    National Identification no: 4302 (Ex-serviceman’s identification card no)Address: El Waha, Omdurman, Sudan.
    Position: Commander of the Western Military Region for the Sudanese ArmedForces
    Other Information: Retired from the Sudanese Army.
    Group ID: 8838.

    MAYU, Jibril, Abdulkarim, Ibrahim
    DOB: 01/01/1967.
    POB: Nile District, El-Fasher, El-Fasher, North Darfura.k.a: (1) BADRI, Gabril, Abdul, Kareem
    (2) BAREY, General, Gibril, Abdul, KareemNationality: Sudanese
    National Identification no: Certificate of Nationality No. 302581. National ID No.192-3238459-9
    Address: Tine, Sudan.
    Position: Field Commander of the National Movement for Reform andDevelopment
    Other Information: Also referred to as “Tek”. Group ID: 8837.

    SHARIF, Adam, Yacub
    DOB: –/–/1976.
    a.k.a: (1) SHANT, Adam, Yacub
    (2) YACOUB, Adam
    Other Information: Reportedly deceased on 7 June 2012. DOB is approximate.Group ID: 8839.

In addition to the asset freezes, the Regulation includes the following additional restrictions on business with Sudan:

  1. Restriction on technical assistance and brokering services related to military
    activities and arms and related material. See Article 2 of the Regulation.

  2. Restriction on the provision of financing or financial assistance related to

    military activities, including grants, loans, export credit insurance, insurance
    and reinsurance for arm and related material or technical assistance. See
    Article 2 of the Regulation.

  3. Please note there are also restrictions on the supply of arms to Sudan.
    Further guidance on export and trade sanctions is available from the


HMT Notice

Council Regulation (EU) No 747/2014


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