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April 14, 2014: SECO Updates Al-Qaida, Liberia sanctions

Two changes on Monday from Swiss regulators. First, two new people were listed under the Al-Qaida sanctions:

SSID: 10-27498 Foreign identifier: TI.T.168.14. Name: Qari Saifullah Tokhi

Title: Qari DOB: 1964 (approximately) POB: Daraz Jaldak, Qalat District, Zabul Province,
Good quality a.k.a.: a) Qari Saifullah b) Qari Saifullah Al Tokhi c) Saifullah
Low quality a.k.a.: Qari Sahab Address: Afthanistan/Pakistan boarder region
Nationality: Afghanistan

Other information: Taliban Shadow Deputy Governor and operational commander in Zabul
Province, Afghanistan, responsible for the laying of improvised explosive devices and the
organisation of suicide attacks. Physical description: height: 180 cm; weight: approximately
90 kg; build: athletic build; eye colour: brown; hair colour: red; complexion: medium brown.
Distinguishing physical marks: large round face, full beard, and walks with a limp due to
plastic prosthesis in place of his left lower leg. Ethnic background: Pashtun; Belongs to Tokhi
tribe, Barkozai sub-
tribe (alternative tribe spelling: Torchi). Marital Status: married. Father’s
name: Agha Mohammad. Brother’s name: Humdullah. Modifications: Listed on 11 Apr 2014

SSID: 10-27512 Foreign identifier: Q.I.321.14. Name: Malik Muhammad Ishaq

DOB: 1959 (approximately) POB: Rahim Yar Kahn, Punjab Province, Pakistan Good
quality a.k.a.:
Malik Ishaq Address: Pakistan Nationality: Pakistan

Relation: One of the founders and a current leader of Lashkar i Jhangvi (LJ) (QE.L.96.03.,
SSID 10-17671)
Other information: Physical description: heavy build with black eye colour,
black hair colour and medium brown complexion with a heavy black beard. Photo available
for inclusion in the INTERPOL-UN Security Council Special Notice.
Modifications: Listed on
11 Apr 2014

and the following four were removed:

SSID: 10-15169 Foreign identifier: QI.B.310.12. Name: Son Hadi Bin Muhadjir

DOB: 12 May 1971 POB: Pasuran, East Java, Indonesia Good quality a.k.a.: a) Son Hadi
bin Muhadjr
b) Son bn Hadi Muhadjir c) Son Hadi bin Mujahir Address: Jalan Raya,
Gongdanglegi, RT/RW 1/13 Cangkring Malang, Beji, Pasuran, 67154, East Java, Indonesia
Nationality: Indonesia Identification document: a) Passport No. R057803, Indonesia
(under name Son bn Hadi Muhadjir)
b) ID card No. 3514131205710004, Indonesia (under
name Son Hadi)

Relation: a) Associated with Mochammad Achwan (QI.A.304.12., SSID 10-13805) b)
Director and spokesperson Jemmah Anshorut Tauhid (JAT) (QE.J.133.12., SSID 10-17619)
c) Associated with Jemaah Islamiyah (QE.J.92.02., SSID 10-17610) Other information:
Spokesperson and director of Media Center of Jemmah Anshorut Tauhid (JAT)
(QE.J.133.12.). Associated with Mochammad Achwan (QI.A.304.12.) and Jemaah Islamiyah
Modifications: De-listed on 11 Apr 2014

SSID: 10-16075 Foreign identifier: QI.K.158.04. Name: Abderrahmane Kifane
DOB: 7 Mar 1963 POB: Casablanca, Morocco Address: Number 25 Via Padre
Massimiliano Kolbe, Sant’ Anastasia, NA, Italy Nationality: Morocco

Other information: Review pursuant to Security Council resolution 1822 (2008) was
concluded on 30 Jul 2009.
Modifications: De-listed on 11 Apr 2014

SSID: 10-16166 Foreign identifier: QI.M.116.03. Name: Amran Mansor

DOB: 25 May 1964 POB: Johor, Malaysia Low quality a.k.a.: Henry Address: Kg. Sg.
Tiram, Johor, Malaysia
Nationality: Malaysia Identification document: a) Passport No. A
10326821, Malaysia
b) ID card No. 640525-01-5885, Malaysia

Other information: Released from detention and believed to be in Indonesia. Review
pursuant to Security Council resolution 1822 (2008) was concluded on 19 Jun 2009.
Modifications: De-listed on 11 Apr 2014

SSID: 10-16410 Foreign identifier: QI.N.165.04. Name: Yacine Ahmed Nacer

DOB: 2 Dec 1967 POB: Annaba, Algeria Good quality a.k.a.: Yacine di Annaba Low
quality a.k.a.: a)
Il Lungo b) Naslano Address: Number 6 Rue Mohamed Khemisti, Annaba,
Nationality: Algeria

Other information: Reportedly residing in Algeria as of 2009. Father’s name is Ahmed
Nacer Abderrahmane. Mother’s name is Hafsi Mabrouka. Review pursuant to Security
Council resolution 1822 (2008) was concluded on 28 Sep 2009. Modifications: De-listed on
11 Apr 2014

Secondly, the following person was removed from their Liberia sanctions:

SSID: 120-4201 Name: Dragaš Orhan

DOB: 20 Dec 1972 POB: Prizren, Republic of Serbia Identification document: PassportNo. N006915870, Republic of Serbia, Date of issue: 21 Nov 2008

Justification: Business partner of Slobodan Tešic. Involved in arrangements for transfer ofarms to Liberia from Serbia (details in expert panel report S/2003/498). Modifications:Amended on 19 Apr 2013, 15 Nov 2013, de-listed on 11 Apr 2014

The Watchlists page will be updated shortly.


FINMA Al-Qaida notice

Data files of Al-Qaida changes – PDF, XML

FINMA Liberia notice

Data files of Liberia changes – PDF, XML


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