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March 21, 2014: UN, OSFI, DFAT add Qari Saifullah Tokhi to Taliban sanctions

On Friday, DFAT and OSFI updated their respective Consolidated Lists, in line with changes made at the United Nations, by adding the following person under the Taliban sanctions program:

TI.T.168.14. Name: 1: QARI 2: SAIFULLAH 3: TOKHI 4: na

Name (original script): ىخوت الله فیس يراق

Title: Qari Designation: na DOB: Approximately 1964 POB: Daraz Jaldak, Qalat District,

Zabul Province, Afghanistan Good quality a.k.a.: a) Qari Saifullah b) Qari Saifullah Al Tokhi

c) Saifullah Tokhi Low quality a.k.a.: Qari Sahab Nationality: Afghan Passport no.: na

National identification no.: na Address: Afghanistan/Pakistan border region Listed on:

19 Mar. 2014 Other information: Taliban Shadow Deputy Governor and operational

commander in Zabul Province, Afghanistan, responsible for the laying of improvised

explosive devices and the organisation of suicide attacks. Physical description: height: 180

cm; weight: approximately 90 kg; build: athletic build; eye colour: brown; hair colour: red;

complexion: medium brown. Distinguishing physical marks: large round face, full beard, and

walks with a limp due to plastic prosthesis in place of his left lower leg. Ethnic background:

Pashtun; Belongs to Tokhi tribe, Barkozai sub-tribe (alternative tribe spelling: Torchi). Marital

Status: married. Father's name: Agha Mohammad. Brother's name: Humdullah.


UN Notice

OSFI Notice

UN Press Release


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