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EU, HMT sanction 21 over Ukraine events

Council Regulation (EU) No 269/2014, imposed yesterday by the EU, sanctions the following persons:

  1. AKSYONOV, Sergey, Valeryevich
    DOB: 26/11/1972.
    Position: Prime Minister of Crimea
    Group ID: 12922.

    Position: Prime Minister of Crimea
    Group ID: 12922.

    BEREZOVSKIY, Deniz, Valentinovich
    DOB: 15/07/1974.

    Position: Commander of the Ukrainian Navy (since 1 March 2014)
    Group ID: 12925.

    BUSHMIN, Evgeni, Viktorovich
    DOB: 04/10/1958.

    POB: Lopatino, Sergachiisky region, RSFSR
    Position: Deputy Speaker, Federation Council
    Group ID: 12916.

    CHALIY, Aleksei, Mikhailovich
    DOB: 13/06/1961.

    Position: Mayor of Sevastopol (Since 23 February 2014)
    Group ID: 12926.

    DZHABAROV, Vladimir, Michailovich
    DOB: 29/09/1952.

    Position: First Deputy Chairman, International Affairs Committee, Federation

    Group ID: 12913.

    GALKIN, Aleksandr
    Position: Commander, Russia Southern Military District
    Group ID: 12932.

    KLISHAS, Andrei, Aleksandrovich
    DOB: 09/11/1972.

    POB: Sverdlovsk

    Position: Chairman, Committee on Constitutional Law, Federation Council
    Group ID: 12914.

    KONSTANTINOV, Vladimir, Andreevich
    DOB: 19/03/1967.

    Position: Speaker, Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea
    Group ID: 12923.

    MIRONOV, Sergei, Mikhailovich
    DOB: 14/02/1953.

    POB: Pushkin, Leningrad region

    Position: Member, Council of the State Duma and Leader of Fair Russia faction in
    the Duma of the Russian Federation
    Group ID: 12919.

    OZEROV, Viktor, Alekseevich

    DOB: 05/01/1958.

    POB: Abakan, Khakassia

    Position: Chairman, Security and Defence Committee, Federation Council
    Group ID: 12912.

    PANTELEEV, Oleg, Evgenevich

    DOB: 21/07/1952.

    POB: Zhitnikoskoe, Kurgan region

    Position: First Deputy Chairman, Committee on Parliamentary Issues, Federation

    Group ID: 12918.

    RYZHKOV, Nikolai, Ivanovich

    DOB: 28/09/1929.

    POB: Duleevka, Donetsk region, Ukrainian SSR

    Position: Member, Committee for Federal Issues, Regional Politics and the North,
    Federation Council

    Group ID: 12915.

    SIDOROV, Anatoliy, Alekseevich

    Position: Commander, Russia’s Western Military District
    Group ID: 12931.

    SLUTSKI, Leonid, Eduardovich

    DOB: 04/01/1968.

    POB: Moscow, Russia

    Position: Chairman, CIS Committee, State Duma of the Russian Federation and
    Member of LDPR

    Group ID: 12921.

    TEMIRGALIEV, Rustam, Ilmirovich

    DOB: 15/08/1976.

    Position: Deputy Chairman, Council of Ministers of Crimea
    Group ID: 12924.

    TOTOONOV, Aleksandr, Borisovich

    DOB: 03/03/1957.

    POB: Ordzhonikidze, North Ossetia

    Position: Member, Committee on Culture, Science and Information, Federation

    Group ID: 12917.

    TSEKOV, Sergey, Pavlovych

    DOB: 28/03/1953.

    Position: Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada
    Group ID: 12929.

    VITKO, Aleksandr, Viktorovich
    DOB: 13/09/1961.
    POB: Vitebsk, Belarus
    Address: Sevastopol.

    POB: Vitebsk, Belarus

    Address: Sevastopol.

    Position: Vice Admiral, Commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet
    Group ID: 12930.

    ZHELEZNYAK, Sergei, Vladimirovich

    DOB: 30/07/1970.

    POB: St Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), Russia

    Position: Deputy Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation
    Group ID: 12920.

    ZHEREBTSOV, Yuriy.

    Position: Counsellor of the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea
    Group ID: 12928.

    ZIMA, Pyotr, Anatoliyovych

    Position: Head of the Crimean Security Service (SBU) (Since 3 March 2014)
    Group ID: 12927.


HMT Notice

Council Regulation (EU) No 269/2014


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