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February 25, 2014: HMT suspends sanctions against most of the remaining ZImbabwe listings

On February 20th, Council Regulation (EU) No 153/2014 amended Council Regulation (EC) No 314/2004, suspending the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe against the following:

  1. BONYONGWE, Happyton, Mabhuya

    DOB: 06/11/1960.
    Passport Details: AD002214
    National Identification no: 63-374707A13
    Position: Director-General Central Intelligence Organisation
    Other Information: Senior security figure. Close association with ZANU-PF.
    Group ID: 7995.

  2. CHIHURI, Augustine
    DOB: 10/03/1953.
    Passport Details: AD000206
    National Identification no: 68-034196M68
    Position: Police Commissioner

    Other Information: Senior police officer and member of the Joint Operational Command.
    Group ID: 7107.

  3. CHIWENGA, Constantine
    Title: General

    DOB: 25/08/1956.
    Passport Details: AD000263
    National Identification no: 63-327568M80
    Position: Commander Zimbabwe Defence Forces
    Other Information: Former Army Commander, Lieutenant General. Member of Joint Operational
    Group ID: 7111.

  4. MUTASA, Didymus, Noel, Edwin
    DOB: 27/07/1935.
    National Identification no: 63-358184Q42
    Position: Minister of State for Presidential Affairs in the President's Office.
    Other Information: ZANU-PF Member of the Government. Former Minister of State for National
    Security, Land Reform and Resettlement in the Office of the President. ZANU-PF Secretary for

    Group ID: 7334.

  5. NYIKAYARAMBA, Douglas
    Title: Brigadier-General
    Position: Mashonaland East. Commander 3rd Brigade.
    Group ID: 10723.

  1. SHIRI, Perence
    Title: Air Marshal (Air Force)
    DOB: 01/11/1955.
    a.k.a: CHIKEREMA, Samson
    National Identification no: 29-098876M18
    Other Information: Senior military officer and member of ZANU-PF Joint Operational Command. Also
    referred to as Bigboy Samson Chikerama.
    Group ID: 7451.

  2. SIBANDA, Jabulani
    DOB: 31/12/1970.
    Other Information: Former Chair, National War Veterans Association. Ties to the ZANU-PF faction of
    Group ID: 7991.

  3. SIBANDA, Phillip, Valerio
    Title: Lieutenant-General

    DOB: (1) 25/08/1956.

    (2) 24/12/1954.

    a.k.a: SIBANDA, Phillip, Valentine

    National Identification no: 63-357671H26
    Position: Commander Zimbabwe National Army
    Other Information: Senior army figure.

    Group ID: 7993

The suspension remains in force for a year (until February 20, 2015). And sanctions remain in force against Robert Mugabe, Grace Mugabe and Zimbabwe Defence Industries.


HMT Notice

Council Regulation (EU) No 153/2014


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