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February 24, 2014: Certain Export Licenses to Ukraine suspended by EU

Here's the text from Notice to Exporters 2014/04 (from the Export Control Organization in the UK):

Notice to Exporters 2014/04: EU suspends all export licensing to Ukraine for any equipment which might be used for internal repression

24 February 2014

1. On 20 February 2014, in response to the deteriorating situation and increasing levels of violence and repression in Ukraine, the EU Foreign Affairs Council introduced targeted sanctions including asset freeze and visa ban for certain individuals. At the same time Member States agreed to suspend, until further notice, all export licensing to Ukraine for equipment which might be used for internal repression.

2. The Council also agreed to reassess export licences of equipment covered by Common Position 2008/944/CFSP which defines common rules governing control of export of military technology and equipment.

Impact on extant licences and issuing of new export licences to Ukraine

3. We are currently reviewing extant licences to determine which ones we assess to be for equipment which might be used for internal repression and would therefore be subject to suspension. We will notify exporters directly in the event that a licence is to be suspended.

4. The Export Control Organisation is also reviewing whether it is necessary to revoke, suspend or amend any additional extant licences where the proposed transfer is no longer consistent with theConsolidated EU and National Arms Export Licensing Criteria. This includes an assessment of exports which would provoke or prolong armed conflicts or aggravate existing tensions.

5. Exporters should be aware that there is still a good degree of uncertainty as to how the situation in the Ukraine will develop. This may result in longer processing times for export licence applications for the Ukraine.

6. We are committed to keeping exporters informed on changes in export controls. We also recommend that you keep yourself well informed of developments in Ukraine through the media and other information channels.

Contact details

For further information about strategic export controls, please contact:

Export Control Organisation

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

1 Victoria Street



Tel: 020 7215 4594


Fax: 020 7215 2635

More information on export controls is available on the ECO pages of the GOV.UK website, also theSPIRE Export Licensing Database.

As part of the move to GOV. UK, all previous Notices to Exporters have been filed at the National Archives.

This notice is for information only and has no force in law. If the information here applies to your business, we recommend you take appropriate action; including seeking legal advice if necessary.

We also advise you to keep a copy of this notice for your compliance records


Notice to Exporters 2014/04


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