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Sweden Explains It All: Guinea-Bissau

This is the historical background of the EU sanctions against Guinea-Bissau:

First the EU and subsequently the United Nations Security Council have imposed sanctions against Guinea-Bissau.

In light of the serious situation in Guinea-Bissau following the coup in April 2012, the EU introduced restrictive measures at the beginning of May 2012 in the form of travel restrictions and freezing the assets of six individuals who were considered a threat to peace, security and stability in Guinea-Bissau. These individuals were all military personnel and members of the “military leadership” that had claimed responsibility for the coup.

In mid-May 2012, the UN Security Council introduced through Resolution 2048 (2012) restrictive measures, but only in the form of travel restrictions, for five of the six persons previously included on the EU's list. Under the Resolution, travel restrictions may be imposed on additional persons in line with a decision by the Sanctions Committee for Guinea-Bissau, which was established through the Resolution. Persons who may be subject to travel restrictions include those seeking to prevent the restoration of the constitutional order or taking action that undermines stability in Guinea-Bissau, in particular those who played a leading role in the coup.

At the end of May 2012, the EU introduced restrictive measures against additional persons. In accordance with a decision by the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee, travel restrictions were introduced in July 2012 against additional persons. The EU has implemented the Security Council Resolution and the Sanctions Committee's decision, and has adapted its regulations accordingly.

and the description of the sanctions:

1. Travel restrictions

A prohibition to enter or transit through the EU applies to all persons listed by the UN Security Council or the Security Council Sanctions Committee for the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, as well as persons designated by the EU who engage in or provide support for acts that threaten the peace, security or stability of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau and persons who are associated with them. Certain exemptions may be granted.

2. Freezing of assets

All funds and economic resources, etc. owned by individuals or entities involved in or supporting actions that undermine the peace, security or stability of Guinea-Bissau and individuals or entities associated with them shall be frozen. It is also prohibited to directly or indirectly make funds or economic resources, etc. available to such individuals or entities. Exemptions may be granted in certain cases to satisfy basic needs, etc.

and the EU decisions implementing the sanctions:

The sanctions are now regulated in Council Decision 2012/285/CFSP. This includes lists of persons and entities subject to the restrictive measures decided by the UN and independently by the EU.

Through Council Implementing Decision 2012/516/CFSP, certain persons were transferred from Annex II (concerning those designated by the EU) to Annex I (concerning those designated by the UN) of Council Decision 2012/285/CFSP after a decision by the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee to include these persons and entities – that had previously only been covered by the EU's autonomous sanctions – in the travel restrictions.

The parts of the sanctions pertaining to EU law that cover the regulations on the freezing of assets are implemented through Council Regulation (EU) No 377/2012. The list of persons and entities affected was expanded through Council Implementing Regulation (EU) No 458/2012.


Sweden Guinea-Bissau sanctions page

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