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HMT Updates: 3 changes, 1 removal (Mohammed Daki) from Al-Qaida sanctions

On Tuesday, Her Majesty's Treasury (HMT) made a number of changes to its Consolidated List, based on the passage of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 831/2013. Specifically, the following person was removed from the Al-Qaida sanctions program:

DAKI, Mohammed

DOB: 29/03/1965.

POB: Casablanca, Morocco

Passport Details: (1) G 482731 (Moroccan)

(2) L446524 (Moroccan)National Identification no: BE-400989 (Moroccan)

Address: Casablanca, Morocco.

Other Information: UN Ref QI.M.146.03. Father's name is Lahcen. Mother's name is IzzaBrahim. Deported from Italy to Morocco on 10 Dec 2005.

Group ID: 7869.

and the following 3 listings were modified:

1. RASHID, Ata, Abdoulaziz.

DOB: 01/12/1973.

POB: Sulaimaniya, Iraq

a.k.a: (1) BARZINGY, Ata, Abdoul, Aziz

(2) RASHID, Abdoulaziz, AtaNationality: Iraqi

Passport Details: German travel document (Reiseausweise) A 0020375

Address: Germany (in prison).

Other Information: UN Ref QI.A.199.05. Member of Ansar Al-Islam. Sentenced on 15 July2008 to 10 years imprisonment in Germany.

Group ID: 8782.


DOB: (1) 02/07/1975.(2) 02/05/1972.(3) 03/07/1975.

(4) –/–/1972.

(5) 02/05/1975.POB: (1) Mosul, Iraq

(2) Baghdad, Iraq

(3) Day Az-Zawr, Syria

a.k.a: (1) AL ZAFIRI, Khalil, Ibrahim(2) JASSEM, Khalil, Ibrahim

(3) MOHAMMAD, Khalil, Ibrahim

Nationality: Iraqi Syrian

Passport Details: German travel document (Reiseausweise) A 0003900

T04338017(Temporary suspension of deportation issued by Alien’s Office of the City ofMainz, expired on 8.5.2013)


Refugee shelter Alte Ziegelei, 55128 Mainz, Germany (in prison).
Other Information: UN Ref QI.M.206.05. Also referred to as Khalil. Sentenced to 7 yearsof imprisonment in Germany on 6 Dec 2007.
Group ID: 8785.

3. SELEK, Atilla.

DOB: 28/02/1985.

POB: Ulm, Germany

Nationality: German

Passport Details: 7020142921 (German). Issued in Ulm, Germany. Valid until 3 Dec 2011National Identification no: Bundespersonalausweis no 702092811 (German). Issued in Ulm, Germany. Expired on 6 Apr 2010 L1562682 (Identity paper issued by theForeigner’s Authority in Freiburg, Germany).

Address: Kauterackerweg 5, 89077 Ulm, Germany. Kurwaldweg 1, 75365 Calw, Germany

Other Information: UN Ref QI.S.270.09. Also referred to as Muaz. Member of the IslamicJihad Union. In detention in Germany as of June 2010.

Group ID: 10905.

Group ID: 10905.


Note: Mohammed Daki was removed by the UN, DFAT and OSFI weeks ago (we reported on this back on August 20), so this gives you some idea of the lag time that waiting for the EU to act adds to the process.


HMT Notice

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 831/2013


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