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UK’s BIS issues Notice to Exporters 2013/24 changes licensing for Egypt

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has issued a new Notice to Exporters. In the previous one, BIS announced that, in addition to the suspension of licenses for equipment that could be used for internal suppression in Egypt, the Export Control Organization (ECO) would also be reviewing additional existing licenses. The review has been completed, and the holders of 49 additional licenses have been notified that their licenses have now been suspended.

Additionally, this Notice to Exporters now places Egypt to the list of countries not covered by the following Open General Export Licenses (OGELs):

    • Export After Repair/replacement under warranty: Military Goods
    • Export For Repair/replacement under warranty: Military Goods
    • Export After Repair/replacement under warranty: Dual-Use Items
    • Export For Repair/ Replacement Under Warranty: Dual-Use Items

5. Impact on extant licence holders and new licence applicants:

5.1 Extant licence holders will be contacted by ECO to inform them of the suspension.

5.2 The suspension will be kept under review until such time as conditions indicate that it is appropriate to lift these restrictions.

5.3 ECO is considering whether further extant licences should be revoked. ECO will keep you informed about this and any other developments through Notices to Exporters and, where appropriate, through individual notifications.

Existing license holders will be notified by ECO that their licenses are suspended until further notice (e.g. until these changes are reversed). And, of course, ECO is still considering whether additional licenses, beyond these 49, need suspension – which will, of course, necessitate another Notice to Exporters, Mr. Watchlist would wager.


Notice to Exporters 2013/24


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