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DFAT, UN add Abu Mohammed Al-Jawlani (Updated)

DFAT, in line with changes at the United Nations, added Abu Mohammed Al-Jalani to its Consolidated List:

QI.A.317.13 Name: 1: ABU MOHAMMED 2: AL-JAWLANI 3: na 4: na

Title: na Designation: na DOB: Between 1975 and 1979 POB: Syria Good quality

a.k.a.: Abu Mohamed al-Jawlani, Abu Muhammad al-Jawlani, Abu Mohammed al-

Julani, Abu Mohammed al-Golani, Abu Muhammad al-Golani, Abu Muhammad

Aljawlani, Muhammad al-Jawlani (transliterations of original script name) Low quality

(transliterations: Shaykh al-Fatih; Al Fatih ) (Translation: The

Conqueror) (Nom de guerre) Nationality: Syrian Passport no.: na National

identification no.: na Address: Active in Syria as at Jun. 2013. Listed on: 24 Jul.

2013 Other information: Since Jan. 2012, he is the Leader of Jabhat al-Nusrah, a

Syria-based group listed, in May 2013, as an alias of al-Qaida in Iraq (AQI)

(QE.J.115.04.). Associated with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (QI.A.299.11.) and Ayman al-

Zawahiri (QI.A.6.01.).

and changed the following listings, all under its terrorism sanctions program:


QI.A.265.08. Name: 1: HAJI 2: MUHAMMAD 3: ASHRAF 4: na

Title: na Designation: na DOB: a) 1 Mar. 1965 b) 1955 POB: na Faisalabad,

Pakistan Good quality a.k.a.: a) Haji M. Ashraf b) Muhammad Ashraf Manshah c)

Muhammad Ashraf Munsha Low quality a.k.a.: na Nationality: Pakistani Passport

no.: na a) Pakistani passport number AT0712501, issued on 12 Mar. 2008 , expired

11 Mar 2013 b) Pakistani passport number A-374184 National identification no.:

na a) Pakistani national identification number 6110125312507 b) Pakistani national

identification number 24492025390 Address: na Listed on: 10 Dec. 2008

(amended on 17 Jul. 2009, 24 Jul. 2013) Other information: Chief of finance of

Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (QE.L.118.05.). His father’s name is Noor Muhammad.


Title: na Designation: na DOB: 2 Mar. 1984 POB: Bahrain Good quality a.k.a.: a)

Adel Mohamed Mahmoud Abdul Khaliq b) Adel Mohamed Mahmood Abdul Khaled

Low quality a.k.a.: na Nationality: na Bahraini Passport no.: Bahraini passport

number 1632207 National identification no.: na Address: na Listed on: 10 Oct.

2008 (amended on 24 Jul. 2013) Other information: Has acted on behalf of and

provided financial, material and logistical support to Al-Qaida (listed under permanent

reference number QE.A.4.01.) and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG, listed

under permanent reference number QE.L.11.01.), including provision of electrical

parts used in explosives, computers, GPS devices and military equipment. Trained by

Al-Qaida in small arms and explosives in South Asia and fought with Al-Qaida in

Afghanistan. Arrested in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Jan. 2007 on charges of

being a member of Al-Qaida and the LIFG. Following his conviction in the UAE in late

2007, he was transferred to Bahrain in early 2008 to serve out the remainder of his


QI.S.1.01. Name: 1: SAYF-AL ADL 2: na 3: na 4: na

Title: na Designation: na DOB: a) 1963 b) 11 Apr. 1963 c) 11 Apr. 1960 POB:

Egypt Good quality a.k.a.: a) Saif Al-'Adil b) Seif al Adel c) Muhamad Ibrahim

Makkawi Low quality a.k.a.: na Ibrahim al-Madani Nationality: Thought to be an

Egyptian national Passport no.: na National identification no.: na Address: na

Listed on: 25 Jan. 2001 (amended on 16 Dec. 2010, 24 Jul. 2013) Other

information: Responsible for Usama bin Laden’s (QI.B.8.01) security. Review

pursuant to Security Council resolution 1822 (2008) was concluded on 15 Jun. 2010.

Title: na Designation: na DOB: a) Approximately 1967 b) Approximately 1961 c)
Approximately 1973 POB: Shunkrai village, Sarkani District, Konar Province,
Afghanistan Good quality a.k.a.: a) Shaykh Aminullah b) Sheik Aminullah c) Abu
Mohammad Aminullah Peshawari d) Abu Mohammad Amin Bishawri e) Abu
Mohammad Shaykh Aminullah Al-Bishauri f) Shaykh Abu Mohammed Ameen al-
Peshawari g) Shaykh Aminullah Al-Peshawari Low quality a.k.a.: na Nationality:
na Afghan Passport no.: na National identification no.: na Address: Ganj
District, Peshawar, Pakistan Listed on: 29 Jun. 2009 (amended on 24 Jul. 2013)
Other information: In detention as at June 2009. Associated with Al-Qaida
(QE.A.4.01.). Head of Ganj madrasa, a.k.a. Madrasa Jamia Taleemul Quran wal
Hadith, a.k.a. Madrasa Taleemul Quran wal Sunnah, located at the Ganj Gate,
Phandu Road, Peshawar, Pakistan.


A nice touch in the this latest UN release is a full page background of the newly-listed person (or maybe I never noticed it before):




Date on which the narrative summary became available on the Committee’s website: 24.07.2013

Abu Mohammed al-Jawlani was listed on 24 July 2013 pursuant to paragraphs 2 and 3 of resolution 2083

(2012) as being associated with Al-Qaida and other individuals, groups, undertakings or entities associated

with Al-Qaida for “participating in the financing, planning, facilitating, preparing, or perpetrating of acts or

activities by, in conjunction with, under the name of, on behalf of, or in support of”, “supplying, selling or

transferring arms and related materiel to”, and “Recruiting for” Al-Qaida (QE.A.4.01), Al-Qaida in Iraq

(QE.J.115.04), Ayman al-Zawahiri (QI. A.6.01), and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (QI.A. 299.11).

Additional information:

Abu Mohammed al-Jawlani is the leader of Jabhat al-Nusrah, a Syria-based terrorist group listed as an alias

of Al-Qaida in Iraq (QE.J.115.04). In 2011 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, listed as Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali

al-Badri al-Samarrai (QI.A.299.11), instructed Abu Mohammed al-Jawlani to establish a front for Al-Qaida in

Iraq in Syria by developing a local presence and fighting. Al-Qaida in Iraq supplied Jabhat al-Nusrah with

manpower, money, weapons and advice.

The formation of Jabhat al-Nusrah, featuring Abu Mohammed al-Jawlani, was announced on 23 January

2012. Abu Mohammed stated that the group consisted of fighters from the Near East.

In a statement issued in late May 2012 by Jabhat al-Nusrah’s media outlet Al-Manara Al-Baydh'a Media

Foundation (the White Minaret), Abu Mohammed al-Jawlani was referred to as “the supervisor general for

Jabhat al-Nusrah”. He called on his followers in Jabhat al-Nusrah to carry out attacks in revenge for a

reported massacre in Houla, Syria, and urged the populations of the Levant to unite under his movement.

Many of the attacks carried out by Jabhat al-Nusrah under the command of Abu Mohammed al-Jawlani have

caused the deaths of civilians.

In a statement released on 10 April 2013, Abu Mohammed al-Jawlani confirmed that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

gave Jabhat al-Nusrah considerable support, and that Abu Bakr had deputised Abu Mohammed to run the

Al-Qaida fight in Syria. Abu Mohammed declared that it was his intention to establish a state in the Levant

region (not just Syria) through violent means. Abu Mohammed asserted his pride in the banner of Al-Qaida

in Iraq. Abu Mohammed pledged his and his organisation's allegiance to Aiman Muhammed Rabi

al-Zawahiri (QI.A.6.01), the head of the international Al-Qaida umbrella movement and deferred to his


Abu Mohammed al-Jawlani's media statements have been published by the same internet sites that host

authentic Al-Qaida media. In June 2013, the leader of Al-Qaida, Ayman al-Zawahiri, confirmed in a letter to

Abu Bakr and Abu Mohammed that Abu Mohammed al-Jawlani is in charge of Jabhat al-Nusrah.

Jabhat al-Nusrah operates in Syria where it has carried out a number of terrorist attacks.

Related listed individuals and entities:

Al-Qaida (QE.A.4.01), listed on 6 October 2001

Al-Qaida in Iraq (QE.J.115.04), listed on 18 October 2004

Aiman Muhammed Rabi al-Zawahiri (QI.A.6.01), listed on 25 January 2001

Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali al-Badri al-Samarrai (QI.A.299.11), listed on 5 October 2011

[Update] Late Friday, OSFI made the same updates to its Consolidated List


UN Notice

OSFI Notice


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