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OSFI removes one, changes one – terror listing, that is (updated)

The deletion is the one you've seen already from the UN – Muhammad Abdallah Salih Sughayr:


Name (original script): محمد عبد الله صالح الصغير

Title: na Designation: na DOB: 20 Aug. 1972 POB: Al-Karawiya, Oneiza, Saudi Arabia Good quality a.k.a.: a) Muhammad' Abdallah Salih Al-Sughayir b) Muhammad' Abdallah Salih Al-Sughaier c) Muhammad' Abdallah Salih Al-Sughayer d) Mohd Al-Saghir e) Muhammad Al-Sugayer f)Muhammad ’Abdallah Salih Al-Sughair g) Muhammad ‘Abdallah Salih Al-Sugair h) Muhammad ’Abdallah Salih Al-Suqayr i) Mohammad Abdullah S Ssughayer Low quality a.k.a.: a) Abu Bakr b) Abu Abdullah Nationality: Saudi Arabian Passport no.: Saudi Arabian passport number E864131, issued on 30 Dec. 2001 , expired on 6 Nov. 2006 National identification no.: na Address: Saudi Arabia Listed on: 9 Oct. 2007 (amended on 20 Feb. 2008, 13 Dec. 2011) Other information: Involved in the financing of, arms supply to, recruitment for and otherwise provided assistance to the Abu Sayyaf Group (QE.A.1.01.). Review pursuant to Security Council resolution 1822 (2008) was concluded on 14 Sep. 2009.

And the change is also a UN listing:

QI.M.31.01. Name: 1: OMAR 2: MAHMOUD 3: UTHMAN 4: naName (original script): عمر محمود عثمان

Title: na Designation: na DOB: a) 30 Dec. 1960 b) 13 Dec. 1960 POB: Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestinian Territories Good quality a.k.a.: a) Al-Samman Uthman b) Umar Uthman c) Omar Mohammed Othman Low quality a.k.a.: a) Abu Qatada Al-Filistini b) Abu Umr Takfiri c) Abu Omar Abu Umar d) Abu Umar Umar e) Abu Ismail Nationality: Jordanian Passport no.: na National identification no.: na Address: United Kingdom (since 1993) Jordan (since July 2013) Listed on: 17 Oct. 2001 (amended on 14 Mar. 2008, 24 Mar. 2009, 25 Jan. 2010, 22 Jul. 2013) Other information: Associated with Al-Qaida-related groups in the United Kingdom and other countries. Convicted in absentia in Jordan for involvement in terrorist acts in 1998. Arrested in Feb. 2001 in the United Kingdom, was further detained between Oct. 2002 and Mar. 2005 and between Aug. 2005 and Jun. 2008. In custody in the United Kingdom since Dec. 2008 pending the outcome of deportation proceedings (as at Mar. 2009). Deported to Jordan from the United Kingdom on 7 July 2013 to face terrorism charges. Review pursuant to Security Council resolution 1822 (2008) was concluded on 19 Oct. 2009.

Expect to see this second change pop up in DFAT's Consolidated List in short order. (update – yes, they did, but they referenced a notice from the UN with both the deletion, which they already implemented, and the change).


OSFI Notice

UN deletion notice

UN change notice

UN notice for both change and deletion


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