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OFAC sanctions a Turkish terrorist and some criminals

Hot off the presses – Bulut Yayla has been added as an SDGT (Specially Designated Global Terrorist):

YAYLA, Bulut (a.k.a. INCE, Samet); DOB 1981; POB Zonguldak, Turkey (individual) [SDGT].

And the following 5 Italian criminals have been sanctioned under the Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCO) sanctions program:

ABETE, Mariano; DOB 03 Apr 1991; POB Naples, Italy (individual) [TCO].

DI LAURO, Marco; DOB 16 Jun 1980; POB Naples, Italy (individual) [TCO].

GUARINO, Rosario; DOB 26 Jun 1983; POB Naples, Italy (individual) [TCO].

MENNETTA, Antonio; DOB 03 Jan 1985; POB Naples, Italy (individual) [TCO].

RICCIO, Mario (a.k.a. RICCIO, Mariano); DOB 28 Jun 1991; POB Mugnano di Napoli, Italy (individual) [TCO].

And the following 2 Eastern European (one Russian, one Czech) organizations have also been sanctioned under the TCO program:

AVUAR OOO (a.k.a. AVUAR LLC), 12/120, Komn 51, Ulitsa Demokraticheskaya, Samara 443031, Russia; National ID No. 1036300456213 (Russia); alt. National ID No. 14565711 (Russia); alt. National ID No. 6315565439 (Russia) [TCO].

GUGA ARM SRO (a.k.a. GUGA ARM LTD), Dr. Davida Bechera 907/27, Karlovy Vary 36001, Czech Republic; National ID No. 27994783 (Czech Republic) [TCO].


OFAC notice


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