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JUly 24, 2013: HMT updated North Korea and Syrian sanctions

Her Majesty's Treasury has implemented changes to the North Korean and Syrian sanctions program in-line with changes adopted by the European Union.

The North Korean regulations now have new prohibitions against opening bank accounts with North Korean banks, and opening or maintaining correspondent accounts with them. There is also a new Annex (listing of sanctioned persons) that lists people who have “assisting in the evasion of sanctions or violating the provisions of the 2007 Regulation.”

The Syrian regulations now have a new license provision such that accounts with Syrian financial institutions can be opened, or new branches, offices or subsidiaries (banks, of course – this is HMT, after all) for “the activities concerned are for the purpose of providing assistance to the Syrian civilian population, in particular in view of meeting humanitarian concerns, assisting in the provision of basic services, reconstruction or restoring economic activity, or other civilian purposes”. There is more detail of the requirements and the process in the notice, of course.


HMT North Korea notice

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 696/2013

HMT Syria notice

Commission Regulation (EU) No 697/2013


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