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OFAC Plays Nice with our Inbox!

OFAC has made some changes to its email system, including trying to reduce duplicate notifications (I get ones for recent actions, SDN updates and the specific program being updated – 3 emails for one change!). The text of the notice:

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has updated its automated email notification system. As a result, emails announcing OFAC actions (e.g. SDN List updates, the release of new guidance and/or general licenses) will change in appearance. OFAC will continue to notify e-mail subscribers of updates to its website. However, OFAC has consolidated some of its e-mail services so subscribers may notice a reduction in duplicate notification messages. Members of the public that are already subscribed to OFAC-related subscription lists do not need to subscribe again. Previous subscriptions will be maintained. Further, emails will continue to be sent from and

And then, of course, are links to the Recent Actions RSS Feed and email notification service (provided below)…marketing, marketing, marketing!

P.S. Note to iPad/iPhone users, or Google Play users – try the RSS feed with Rockmelt – it's pretty darn cool, if Mr. Watchlist says so himself!


OFAC Notice

Link to OFAC email notification service

OFAC Recent Actions RSS Feed


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