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Bin Laden delisted by Her Majesty’s Treasury

In line with Council Regulation (EU) No 596/2013, which is in itself in line with the UN's decision on February 21st of this year, the following listing is removed from HMT's Consolidated List (it had been sanctioned under Council Regulation (EC) No 881/2002):

BIN LADEN, Usama, Muhammed, Awad

Title: Shaykh/Hajj
DOB: (1) 28/07/1957

DOB: (1) 28/07/1957

(2) 30/07/1957(3) 10/03/1957(4) 01/01/1957(5) –/–/1956(6) –/–/1957

POB: (1) Yemen

(2) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

a.k.a: (1) ABD AL-HAKIM, Abu Abdallah

(2) AWDH, Bin Laden, Osama, Mohamed

(3) BIN LADEN, Usama

(4) BIN LADIN, Osama

(5) BIN LADIN, Osama, bin Muhammad, bin Awad

(6) BIN LADIN, Shaykh, Usama

(7) BIN LADIN, Usama

(8) BIN LADIN, Usama, bin Muhammad, bin Awad

(9) BIN LADIN, Usamah, Bin Muhammad

(10) BIN MUHAMMAD, Bin Laden, Usamah

(11) OSAMA, Ben Laden

(12) OSSAMA, Ben Laden

(13) USAMA, Ben Laden


Other Information: UN Ref QI.B.8.01. Saudi citizenship withdrawn. Afghan nationalitygiven by the Taliban regime. Also referred to as Al Qaqa. Confirmed to have died inPakistan in May 2011

Group ID: 6896.

The notice notes that “specific conditions need to be satisfied when unfreezing funds frozen belonging to Usama Bin Laden,” referring to the EU Regulation.


HMT Notice

UN Press Release

Council Regulation (EU) No 596/2013


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