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Site updates for today’s HMT website moves

The Watchlists, Licenses and Regulatory Links pages have been updated:

  • The Licenses page has updated links for the 5 General Licenses for the terrorism sanctions, as well as a link to the page where they all are (because of the nice synopsis of the 5 on that page)
  • The Watchlist page has updated links to the PDF, CSV (new) and Excel versions of the Consolidated List, as well as a link to a format guide to the Consolidated List. The HTML version of the list no longer exists, so it was removed
  • The Regulatory Links page now has an updated links to HMT's FInancial Sanctions Regimes page, as well as new links to the Department of Business, Innovation and Skill's Sanctions, embargoes and restrictions page, and to the latest Independent Reviewer's report.
  • Mr. Watchlist also notes that the General Licenses page noted above has links to all the terror regulations, so that will go up in just a few minutes on the Regulatory Links page (but, technically, as of 8 AM EDT, it aint there yet)


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