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OFAC Update: 2 Taiwanese WMD Proliferation Listings Added

One individual, one company – from a place you wouldn't expect – Taiwan!

CHANG, Wen-Fu (a.k.a. CHANG, Tony; a.k.a. ZHANG, Wen-Fu); DOB 01 Apr 1965; nationality Taiwan; Passport 211606395 (Taiwan) (individual) [NPWMD].

TRANS MULTI MECHANICS CO. LTD. (a.k.a. FENG SHENG CO., LTD.), 19, Chin Ho Lane, Chung Cheng Rd., Taya District, Taichung City, Taiwan; No 19, Jinhe Lane, Zhongzheng Road, Daya District, Taichung City, Taiwan [NPWMD].


OFAC Notice


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