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Finally! A new terrorist designated by HMT

Under the Terrorist Asset-Freezing etc. Act of 2010, Her Majesty's Treasury may make either interim or final designations of terrorists, or those who aid and abet them, whose assets are to be frozen. A final designation is good for one year. If HMT does not renew the designation within one year, it expires. The designation can be renewed indefinitely, as long as each renewal occurs within that one year period.

This designation is one being made independently by HMT and is not related to any UN or EU list changes. If you read the notice, you'll see it's worded very differently than the notices they issue for list changes inherited from those bodies.

So, who's the lucky winner today?

KHALED, Mohammed, Fawaz

DOB: 06/06/1969.
POB: Hama, Syria
a.k.a: HARETH, AbuNationality: Syrian

POB: Hama, Syria

a.k.a: HARETH, AbuNationality: Syrian

Passport Details: 2255278 (Syria)Address: London, United Kingdom, W12.Group ID: 12872


HMT Notice


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