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May 2, 2013: OFAC removes 10 from Zimbabwe sanctions

The following have been removed from the Specially-Designated Nationals (SDN) list:

MUDENGE, Isack Stan Gorerazvo, 31 St. Brelades Road, Borrowdale, Harare, Zimbabwe; DOB 17 Dec 1948; Passport AD000964 (Zimbabwe); Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education (individual) [ZIMBABWE].

CHINDORI-CHININGA, Edward; DOB 14 Mar 1955; Passport AN388694 (Zimbabwe); Member of Parliament for Guruve South (individual) [ZIMBABWE].

KARIMANZIRA, David; DOB 25 May 1947; Harare Provincial Governor & Politburo Secretary for Finance (individual) [ZIMBABWE].

MUJURU, Solomon Tapfumaneyi Ruzambo (a.k.a. “NANGO, Rex”); DOB 01 May 1949; Passport ZD001348 (Zimbabwe); Politburo Senior Committee Member (individual) [ZIMBABWE].

“NANGO, Rex” (a.k.a. MUJURU, Solomon Tapfumaneyi Ruzambo); DOB 01 May 1949; Passport ZD001348 (Zimbabwe); Politburo Senior Committee Member (individual) [ZIMBABWE].

TAWENGWA, Solomon; DOB 15 Jun 1940; Former Executive Mayor of Harare; Deceased (individual) [ZIMBABWE].

CALGARY FARM, Mazowe, Zimbabwe [ZIMBABWE].

CHIGUDU, Tinaye Elisha Nzirasha; DOB 13 Aug 1942; Passport AD000013 (Zimbabwe); Manicaland Provincial Governor (individual) [ZIMBABWE].

MANDIZHA, Barbara; DOB 24 Oct 1959; Deputy Police Commissioner (individual) [ZIMBABWE].

PATEL, Khantibhal; DOB 28 Oct 1928; Politburo Deputy Secretary for Finance (individual) [ZIMBABWE].


That's 9 individuals and one entity (Calgary Farm). Would be nice if OFAC explained why people are added and removed, wouldn't it?

On a whim, Mr. Watchlist looked up Calgary Farm, and came across this land dispute with a former governor of Zimbabwe's Reserve Bank. Fairly recent story, too… so one wonders why the listing is being removed. Remember the focus of the Zimbabwe program is the undermining of democracy. It appears that Calgary Farm was the property of someone sanctioned under the program, so his/her assets would be sanctioned, too.


OFAC notice


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