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Darn good day to be in law enforcement… [Updated]

Wow – yesterday was a head-spinningly good day for the guys in the white hats.

First, Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed, an Al Shabaab operative, was sentenced to 111 months for providing support to and receiving military training from a Foreign Terror Organization (FTO). Tip of the hat to the FBI.

Secondly, one of the FBI’s newest Most Wanted, Edwin Ernesto Rivera Gracias, was captured by Salvador and FBI officials and returned to Denver to face charges.

Not to be outdone, the US Marshals got one of their latest Most Wanted, Keana Barnes, near a Skid Row area in California. Actually, the credit goes to the LAPD (Los Angeles) – two of their finest found her.

Update: Oh, and the Marshals’ “Fugitive of the Week”, Vodie Bishop, was caught by local police in Worcester, MA.


Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed sentencing news release
Edwin Ernesto Rivera Gracias arrest news release
Keana Barnes arrest news release
Vodie Bishop arrest news release

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