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HMT Afghanistan changes for March 22, 2013

This change is in response to Council Implementing Regulation (EU) No 261/2013. It adds:

OBAIDULLAH, Ahmed Shah, Noorzai Title: Haji/Maulavi/Maulawi/Mullah DOB: (1) 01/01/1985.
(2) –/–/1981. POB: Quetta, Pakistan
a.k.a: (1) NOORZAI, Ahmed Shah (2) SHAH, Ahmad
(3) SHAH, Ahmed
(4) SHAH, Mohammed
Passport Details: NC5140251 (Pakistan). Issued on 23 October 2009. Expires on
22 October 2014.
National Identification no: 54401-2288025-9 (Pakistan)
Address: Quetta, Pakistan .
Other Information: UN Ref TI.N.166.13. Owns and operates the Roshan Money Exchange. Provided financial services to Ghul Agha Ishakzai and other Taliban in Helmand Province. Group ID: 12863.

And changes:

1. HAQQANI WALI MOHAMMAD, Abdul Jalil, Haqqani Title: Maulavi/Mullah
DOB: (1) –/–/1963.
(2) –/–/1965.
POB: (1) ArghandaabArghandab District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan
(2) Kandahar City, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan a.k.a: (1) AKHUND, Abdul, Jalil
(2) JAN, Nazar
(3) HAQQANI, Abdul Jalil
Nationality: Afghan
Passport Details: OR 1961825 (Afghanistan). Issued in name of Mullah Akhtar. Issued 4
Feb 2003 by Afghan Consulate in Quetta, Pakistan. Expired 2 Feb 2006.
Position: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs under the Taliban regime
Other Information: UN Ref TI.A.34.01. Also referred to as Mullah Akhtar. Believed to be in the Afghanistan/Pakistan border area. Member of the Taliban Supreme Council as of May 2007. Member of the Financial Commission of the Taliban Council. Brother of Atiqullah Wali Mohammad. DOB is approximate,
Group ID: 6908.

Title: Haji/Mullah
DOB: –/–/1962.
POB: (1) Tirin Kot District, Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan
(2) Khwaja Malik village, Arghandab District, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan Nationality: Afghan
Position: Deputy Minister of Public Works under the Taliban regime
Other Information: UN Ref TI.A.70.01. Also referred to as Atiqullah. Member of Taliban Supreme Council Political Commission as at 2010. Believed to be in Afghanistan/Pakistan border area. Brother of Abdul Jalil Haqqani Wali Mohammad. DOB is approximate.
Group ID: 7036


HMT Notice
Council Implementing Regulation (EU) No 261/2013

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