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Mamoun Darkazanli removed from HMT Al Qaida/Taliban sanctions

As part of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 242/2013, which is itself a byproduct of a UN decision on March 11th, this person has been removed from Her Majesty’s Treasury’s Consolidated List:

DARKAZANLI, Mamoun DOB: 04/08/1958.
POB: Damascus, Syria a.k.a: AL SURI, Abu Ilyas Nationality: (1) Syrian
(2) German
Passport Details: 1310636262 (Germany), expired 29 Oct 2005
National Identification no: 1312072688 (German) expired 29 Oct 2005
Address: Uhlenhorster Weg 34, Hamburg, Germany, 22085.
Other Information: UN Ref QI.D.26.01. Father’s name is Mohammed Darkazanli. Mother’s name is Nur Al-Huda Sheibani Altgelbi. Also referred to as Abu Al Loh, Abu Ilyas, Abu Luz and Abu Ylias.
Group ID: 6931.

Note: technically, the EU regulation modifies Annex I (which is the list of sanctioned entities and individuals) subject to asset freezes under Council Regulation (EC) No 881/2002, referred to in the notice as the “2002 Regulation”. Mr. Watchlist thought you might enjoy knowing this little detail…


HMT news release
Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 242/2013

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