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Abdelghani Mzoudi removed from UN, DFAT Al Qaida/Taliban lists [Updated]

Today, DFAT updated its Consolidated List on the heels of changes to the UN’s Al Qaida/Taliban terrorism list. Mr. Mzoudi was removed:

QI.M.89.03. Name: 1: ABDELGHANI 2: MZOUDI 3: na 4: na
Title: na Designation: na DOB: 6 Dec. 1972 POB: Marrakesh, Morocco Good quality a.k.a.:
a) Abdelghani Mazwati b) Abdelghani Mazuti c) Talha Low quality a.k.a.: na Nationality:
Moroccan Passport no.: Moroccan passport number F 879567 issued in Marrakesh, Morocco,
issued on 29 Apr. 1992 National identification no.: Moroccan National Identity Card number E
427689 , issued on 20 Mar. 2001 by the Moroccan Consulate General in Düsseldorf,
Germany Address: Morocco Listed on: 10 Jun. 2003 (amended on 26 Nov. 2004, 18 Aug.
2006, 10 Jun. 2011) Other information: Father’s name is Abdeslam Ahmed. Mother’s name is
Aicha Hammou. After his acquittal he left Germany for Morocco in Jun. 2005. Review pursuant to
Security Council resolution 1822 (2008) was concluded on 29 Jul. 2010.

[Update] OSFI today made the same change to its lists


UN notice
OSFI notice

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