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One addition to DFAT’s Consolidated List

The UN added the following name to its terrorism sanctions…

TI.N.166.13. Name: 1: AHMED SHAH 2: NOORZAI 3: OBAIDULLAH 4: na
Name (original script): احمد شاه نورزی عبيداالله
Title: Mullah Designation: na DOB: a) 1 Jan. 1985 b) 1981 POB: Quetta,
Pakistan Good quality a.k.a.: a) Mullah Ahmed Shah Noorzai b) Haji Ahmad
Shah c) Haji Mullah Ahmad Shah d) Maulawi Ahmed Shah e) Mullah Mohammed
Shah Low quality a.k.a.: na Nationality: na Passport no.: Pakistani passport
number NC5140251 issued on 23 Oct. 2009 expires on 22 October 2014 National
identification no.: Pakistani national identity card number 54401-2288025-
9 Address: Quetta, Pakistan Listed on: 26 Feb. 2013 Other information: Owns
and operates the Roshan Money Exchange (TE.R.11.12.). Provided financial
services to Ghul Agha Ishakzai (TI.I.147.10.) and other Taliban in Helmand
Province. Alternative title is Maulavi.

so DFAT did the same.


UN notice

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