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First of the month! Yay, DFAT!

The Aussies, on the heels of changes to the UN sanctions programs for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Liberia, have updated their Consolidated List.

Two individuals and two entities were added to the DRC sanctions:

Name (last/first): BADEGE, Eric. Date of Birth (DOB): 1971.

Name (last/first): RUNIGA, Jean-Marie Lugerero. Date of Birth (DOB): Approximately 1960.

Name (last/first): Forces Democratiques De Liberation Du Rwanda (FDLR). Alias: Forces Democratiques De Liberation Du Rwanda. Alias: FDLR. Alias: Force Combattante Abacunguzi. Alias: FOCA. Alias: Combatant Force for the Liberation of Rwanda.

Passport/Identifying Information: Address:;;; Location: North and South Kivu, DRC.

Name (last/first): M23.

and one person’s (Richard Ammar Chichakli) information was amended under the Liberia sanctions to include the following information:

Additional Aliases


Additional Place of Birth/Date of Birth

10 July 1967
Deirazzor, Syria

Additional Passport/Identifying Information

SSN: 405 41 5342 or 467 79 1065
Address: 225 Syracuse Place, Richardson, Texas 75081, USA
811 South Central Expressway Suite 210, Richardson, Texas 75080, USA

51 Churchill Ave.
Reservoir VIC 3073

Syrian passport # 002680351 (issued 25 April 2007, expires 24 April 2013)

Drivers license number 099711346 (issued by the State of Victoria, Australia)

Arrested on 10 January 2013 in Australian State of Victoria, pursuant to an INTERPOL Red Notice

There is a lengthy Designation/Justification section for each of the additions to the DRC listings. I’ve edited it out to make this a little easier to digest – feel free to go read the detail from the source.

Additionally, the Liberia listing is done in a tabular format that was not conducive to cutting and pasting while retaining the format, so I converted it to the format you see here.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


UN Committee Press Release on DRC sanctions changes
UN Committee Press Release on Liberia sanctions changes

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