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January 25, 2013: One individual removed from HMT Al-Qaida sanctions

Here are the details:

BATTERJEE, Adel, Abdul Jalil, Ibrahim DOB: (1) 01/07/1946.
(2) 01/06/1946. POB: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
a.k.a: (1) AL-BATTARJEE, ‘Adil
(2) BATARJI, ‘Adil, ‘Abd al Jalil
(4) BATTERJEE, Adel, AbdulJaleel, I
Nationality: Saudi Arabian
Passport Details: F 572010. Issued 22 Dec 2004, expiring 28 Oct 2009 Address: 2 Helmi Kutbi Street, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Other Information: UN Ref QI.B.182.04.
Group ID: 8517.


HMT Press release

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