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Mr. Watchlist is giving in… [updated]

I’ve started to add software vendors to the Vendors page. I know these lists are not going to be comprehensive – I’m not sure I even know all the vendors in the space – but this is a good start,

Today, I’ve added the major screening vendors I know of, although I may have forgotten one or two. I’ve put in the two standalone KYC/CDD vendors I’m aware of – there must be more, but I don’t know who they are. Don’t hesitate to tell me about any I missed.

Update: I went out and did a basic search for KYC and customer due diligence vendors. Lots of them I’ve never heard of, but I’m embarrassed to say I initially missed my sister firm, LexisNexis Risk & Compliance (I think of them as the data & the Bridger Insight software)…

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