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HMT strikes one person from Liberian sanctions

A decision was made by the United Nations on September 14th of last year to remove one individual from the UN’s Liberian sanctions program. The European Commission regulation implementing that change was finally passed on Wednesday of this week, and Her Majesty’s Treasury has just made that change to their list. Here’s the person being removed:

1. SALAME, Mohamed, Ahmad
DOB: (1) 22/09/1961 (2) 18/10/1963
POB: (1) Abengourou, Ivory Coast
(2) Ganta, Nimba County, Liberia
a.k.a: (1) AL AMERI, Jawad (2) AL JAWAD, Ameri
(3) SALAMI, Mohamed, Ahmad (4) SALAMI, Moustapha
(5) SALAMI, Moustapha, A
Nationality: Lebanese
Passport Details: (1) 1622263. Valid 24 Apr 2001 to 23 Apr 2006 (Lebanese)
(2) 004296/00409/00. Valid 21 Aug 2002 to 23 Aug 2007. (Togolese Diplomatic)
(3) 000275. Valid 11 Jan 1998 to 10 Jan 2000 (Liberian Diplomatic)
(4) 002414. Valid 20 June 2001 to 19 June 2003. (Liberian
(5) Ivorian – no details
(6) D/001217 (Liberian Diplomatic)
(7) 2781 (Liberian Diplomatic)
(8) 2210697(Lebanese) Issued 14 Dec 2010. Valid until 14 Dec 2011
Other Information: Owner of Mohamed and Company Logging Company Group ID: 8044


HMT Press release
EU Implementing Regulation 9/2013
HMT Liberia sanctions
UN LIberia sanctions

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