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Not so fast… Friday sanctions update changes

Here we go… Mr. Watchlist is stunned by the number of updates coming in over night (having new news subscriptions for Singapore and UK changes doesn’t help)…

  1. DFAT has updated its Iran sanctions program, subsequent to updates from the UN. 2 entities, Yas Air and SAD Import Export Company
  2. OSFI implemented new regulations to add one entity (Qods Force) and remove one entity (MEK) from its terrorist list
  3. The Council of the EU approved the legislation for the latest changes to the Iranian sanctions program, and added 1 person and 18 entities who are involved in nuclear proliferation activities or in aiding the Iranian government to its list. The restrictions are in relation to export bans, including one on dual-use technology, dealings with Iranian financial institutions, and dealings with Iranian oil tankers and cargo vessels.
  4. OFAC added 1 person and 4 entities to its NPWMD (Nuclear Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction) and IFSR (Iranian Financial Sanctions Regulations) programs, including the SAD Import Export Company added by DFAT and the UN
  5. Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT) added 1 person and 1 entity to its Afghanistan sanctions program, pursuant to EU changes, and renewed sanctions against the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) and the PFLP-General Command

Note: the HMT Terrorism release contains links to general licenses under the program. I’ll get these up on the appropriate page of the site this weekend.


UN Press Release for Iran sanctions updates
OSFI Press release
OSFI Regulation adding one entity – HTML, PDF
OSFI Regulation deleting one entity – HTML, PDF
Council of the EU Press release
October 15 Council of the EU Press release (contains details of strengthened sanctions)
October 15 Council of the EU decision
OFAC Press release
Her Majesty’s Treasury Aghanistan program update Press release
Council of the EU Afghanistan program update decision
Her Majesty’s Treasury Terrorism program update Press release

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