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SECO updates to Al-Qaida/Taliban and Belarus sanctions

SECO, the Swiss regulatory arm for sanctions, issued two sanctions updates this morning. The first adds 3 names to its Al-Qaida/Taliban sanctions list, as well as removing 12 names and modifying 9 listings. The second release announces the addition of more information to the listings for 198 persons and 2 organizations sanctioned under the SECO Belarus program.

Fair warning: even though the FINMA website can be viewed in a variety of languages, the actual news release appears only in Swiss German. Luckily, Google Translate does a very good job of making the release understandable for those of us who stopped going to German I after a few weeks because we didn’t want to be awake for 8 AM classes (guilty as charged!).


Press release for Al-Qaida/Taliban sanctions update
SECO informational page for Al-Qaida/Taliban sanctions

Data files:

Press release for Belarus sanctions update
SECO Informational page for Belarus sanctions

Data Files:

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