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Get yer watchlists – HERE!

In the interest of “one-stop shopping” (or at least fewer stops), I’ve added a Watchlists page to this site. It’s got a bunch of watchlists in a number of forms, ranging from HTML and PDF on the one hand through XML and Excel-compatible formats on the other.

Included are lists from OFAC, BIS and DTC in the US, OSFI from Canada. HMT from the UK, DFAT from Australia, the UN, the World Bank and Transparency International. This is by no means a comprehensive list – I’ve gone for the lists that were well-organized into either easily readable or downloadable formats. That means that the FBI, US Marshals and Interpol lists, which are highly visual and the DFAIT-administered sanctions in Canada, which are more descriptive text than a list format, are not included here – as well as the country-level sanctions lists that are not available on the Internet (e.g. the Israeli Ministry of Defense Terror list).

If you have a link to a list I don’t have here, please share it and I’ll be happy to add it to the site.

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