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Who watches the Watchlists?

I’ve been involved in some aspect of watchlist screening for 2 decades now. I’ve cleared OFAC matches and developed matching software for Swiss Bank (now UBS), and have spent the last 7 years consulting for a software vendor (currently called BankersAccuity, part of Reed Business Information).

On the side, I have blogged from time to time on various topics of personal interest, including writing, management and marketing/branding.

But what I know best is compliance, in general, and watchlist screening, in particular. So… Mr. Watchlist was born Thanksgiving Day, 2012.

In addition to the blog (I expect to post something at least weekly), I expect to post my published articles from American Banker, ACAMS Today and Money Laundering Bulletin.

Don’t hesitate to comment or correct my posts – my perspectives are just that, not any immutable Truth.

And, of course, if your organization could use my expertise… I’ll make that as simple as a click or two.

Welcome, and may your regulator never darken your doorstep for watchlist violations again.

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