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Daily Digest for Monday, June 21, 2021

UN Resolution 2578 extends Libyan arms embargo June 18, 2021: SECO adds 1 to counter terror sanctions EU extends Crimea and Sevastopol sanctions for another year EU updates Libya sanctions designation criteria EU adds a fourth round of Belarus sanctions EU imposes 3rd round of Myanmar/Burma sanctions OFAC’s turn: Belarus […]

OFAC’s turn: Belarus designation, General License and FAQs

Today, OFAC added the following persons: ASTREIKA, Alyaksandr Vyachaslavavich (Cyrillic: АСТРЭЙКА, Аляксандр Вячаслававiч) (a.k.a. ASTREIKA, Aliaksandr; a.k.a. ASTREIKA, Aliaksandr Viachaslavavich; a.k.a. ASTREIKO, Aleksandr (Cyrillic: АСТРЕЙКО, Александр); a.k.a. ASTREIKO, Aleksandr Vyacheslavovich (Cyrillic: АСТРЕЙКО, Александр Вячеславович); a.k.a. ASTREIKO, Alexander; a.k.a. ASTREIKO, Alexander Viacheslavovich), Minsk Oblast, Belarus; DOB 22 Dec 1971; POB Kapyl, […]